The Nullifier

I’ve now read quite a bit about what a Trump administration will do. How can anyone tell?  Talk about conclusions based on limited information.

Trump’s candidacy and election were nullifications – implemented by flipping off any target within sight, and moving briskly to the next insult.  That approach is regrettable, and even more regrettably it was successful – but it was also a logical endpoint to US political discourse.  While Trump’s adolescent, miscreant circus act translated to votes, that doesn’t mean that Trump’s supporters voted for much.   From Trump supporters, I mostly heard statements against Clinton, or Obama, or government generally. With one expection, I didn’t hear anyone say they admired Trump personally. Policy discussions were very much in the background.

As for practical policy in the upcoming administration, I see little to go on.  Taking Trump’s campaign statements seriously is cause for alarm, particularly if you are not an Anglo-Saxon male. However those statements are also bad data – after all the man lies a great deal, even for a politician.  Anyone assuming they understand a well-defined intent for a Trump presidency, including establishment or Tea Party Republicans, may be in for an unpleasant surprise.


One thought on “The Nullifier

  1. We can hope that Drumpf’s bile during the election was just his usual pitch for one of his Ponzi schemes to the marks he fleeces, and that he has no intention of doing anything for the proletariat he just swindled.


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