I promised two things to myself, and to the friends who drop in sometimes to look at this stuff: no politics, and no listicles.

OK, so I’m one for two.  Having little idea what will happen in DC next year, it seems pointless to comment extensively on that right now.   As I predicted, many of Trump’s campaign promises have already proven non-binding, which is just as well.

I do, however, confess impatience with the idea that our president-elect was only a dubious candidate, and presuming he’ll be a Great Leader going forward.  (And Trump is “our” president-elect – so says the only Constitution we have.)

On the contrary, we should prepare for the opposite – all signs so far point that way. Look at his proposed cabinet and staff so far, ranging from the inexperienced and incompetent, to guys like Bannon – who would look good if he were just incompetent. Look at his fan club amongst politicians in US and Europe, covering the gamut of racist and misogynist thought and policy.  And look, if you can, at the boundless toadyism that permits Trump’s sworn enemies – like Ted Cruz – to become his new friends. It would be reasonable to infer that Trump is surrounding himself with sycophants who will do anything to be near power.  That is perhaps inevitable, but also very unhealthy – Trump’s tweets alone are enough to suggest a man in the full flower of emotional adolesence.

I have friends who voted for Trump, apparently excusing his deficiencies in the hopes of bringing about some admittedly-needed changes.  Personally, I don’t agree with that choice even as I can understand what drove people to the choice.  But Trump as a great leader? There is no track record. He’ll have to prove it.

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