Trumpine ineptitude is not without its virtues.  Just imagine if this virulent strain of anti-government possessed real competence.

As a salve to anxious citizens, sober-minded commentators now suggest that we watch administration actions more than words.  I’m sorry , but it’s a little late for that.

Administration actions matter, but it is the cumulative effect of words that may have a longer-lasting impact.  Words matter, and words from a US president matter even more.

Trump’s words have convinced many people that the president is unbalanced – an assertion now openly dicussed in the US press.  His words have insulted solid professionalism worldwide, show a remarkable indifference to the heritage and traditions of numerous people, and commend disruptive change when most people require day-to-day continuity.  His words have signaled grotesque policy flip-flops. Taken together, Trump’s words have caused citizens to wonder if the president could manage even a minor international or domestic crisis.

It is administration words, even more than actions, that have enabled a growing anxiety and lack of confidence in many US citizens. History tells us that anxiety combined with even a minor crisis can spill into economic reversal.  It is not an anxious and unconfident populace that will weather a crisis and indefinitely sustain a robust and growing economy.

Trump’s words – words of division that we should not forget – are what brought the Trump regime to power in the first place.  To set aside the words is to concede defeat against randomness, ineptitude and indifference masquarading as responsible government.

Let’s not forget the words.


One thought on “Words

  1. Is there a message in the words, or is it sometimes gallingly stupid statements that the speaker believes the audience will buy into? I just listened to Paul Ryan state that immediate passage of a plan that was written by people who have absolutely no understanding of how insurance works would be the only chance to pass reform? A bill clearly crafted to piss everyone off and satisfy no one?

    I have only two conclusions, unbelievable hubris from someone living inside their own bubble OR could it be a hint that says lets fail on this attempt and we are off the hook for what we promised and then we can blame someone else?

    Interesting times.


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