Proximities is a blog of data-themed essays, stories and studies – about people trying to ask good questions, process relevant data from the world around them,  and arrive at good answers.

Speaking of questions and answers, here are a few about the blog:

  • Proximities?   It’s like my corporate name (“Proximate”), and I thought it wouldn’t constrain me much.
  • Who is your audience?   Anyone with an interest, I hope.  Technically detailed stuff will be confined to case studies.
  • Are you adhering to convention?   Adhering to personal experience is more like it. I like a great deal of current practice, but not all.
  • About the stories – did that really happen?  In essence, yes.  Of course, pristine historical accuracy isn’t the right thing, the relevant thing, or usually the most entertaining thing.   I’ve read James Herriot.


Dumont Jones (in the red shirt) has been a software and data consultant since 1993. www.linkedin.com/in/dumontmjones